Ta-Dah!!! NaPoWriMo DAY 30!

The final day! Wheyhey – we made it!

Today’s final prompt (which you can read here) was to write a poem that included giving directions.

So here’s a bit of a light one to end with – hope it makes you smile, and that you all safely reach your own versions of Serenity


How do I get to Serenity?

Ah, well, I wouldn’t really start from here in an ideal world.

There isn’t really a direct route to Serenity from Total Drama,

and if I send you via Meditation you’ll hit Relaxation

at school chuck-out time – nightmare! So, I think it’s better if you head

straight down Conflict Road to get out of town, then take a left

at the Waterworks, and immediately right into Denial Street.

Mind you, it’ll be busy there, no doubt, but don’t be tempted to turn back,

even if you see others doing U-turns. Have faith – at the end of the road

it’ll start to clear. Go straight over at Counselling Roundabout- I know!

The layout there is frigging inexplicable – almost as bad as Swindon.

Then carry on, it’s a longish stretch and you’ll go up a gradual rise;

from the top you’ll find you can take the long view again,

may even be able to see Serenity in the distance from there,

if the weather stays clear. Then straight over again at Psychotherapy,

but at Yoga take the third exit. Immediately on your right

look out for a hidden turn-off; it’s easy to miss – looks like an entrance to a field.

Takes you into Equanimity Gardens – it’s a back-double, winds about like crazy

but just keep following it round – you’ll go past a lake on one side,

some woods on the other. You might as well wind your window down

and turn the radio on, because it’s a 20 mile speed limit round there;

you can do nothing but take it at an easy pace. At the end, take a left

and follow Manyana Drive. Serenity is about five minutes from there.


Header Image Photo by Jens Johnsson on <a href=”https://www.pexels.com/photo/brown-wooden-arrow-signed-66100/&#8221; rel=”nofollow”>Pexels.com</a>

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