NaPoWriMo Day 26

Today’s prompt was to take a poem that you know, keep roughly the same form/shape, and write a parody of it.

I have taken the huge liberty of playing with my favourite of Shakespeare’s sonnets – I can feel Mr Robertson (my A level English teacher who taught us the sonnets with great passion) rolling his eyes in horror!

It’s Number 29 – ‘When in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes‘.


Prefeminist Anthem (circa 1590)

When in disgrace, I won’t turn down my eyes.

Instead, I turn, stand tall and strongly state

that luck won’t throw its cloak round she who cries,

shout out that I will survive any fate.

I rail at male power, will not lose my hope

to one day be of my clothes, bairns, home, possessed.

To set this world to rights is within my scope,

though you, old fools, expect this of me least.

My force comes from knowing who I’m most despising,

that you keep gold hidden, thrice what you do state.

You men have no idea what eagle-birds are rising

in focused throngs to fly and storm your gate.

My firm faith in women’s silver future brings

me the blessed cheek to meet the gaze of kings.

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