NaPoWriMo Day 24

Today’s prompt (which you can read here) was to find some text about an animal where the name of the animal is repeated a lot. Then we had to substitute an object or an abstract thing in place of the name of the animal. The last stage was to work them up into poems.

This was a bit of fun! Here are two short ones – they aren’t poems as I have had a bit of a packed day and haven’t had time to do anymore on them, but I still quite like them.

If you are wondering what animals I started off with … there is a clue to the ‘Sorrows’ animal in the header image of this post. You’ll just have to be a Nosey Parker and work out the other one yourself…

Nosey Parkers

Nosey Parkers are strongly built, with a broad muzzle, a roman nose and long v-shaped erect ears. The head doesn’t grow hair, showing off the large, protruding nose which gave its name to this breed. The Nosey Parker is usually dense, able to tightly curl into any corner, and semi lustrous when they have recently gleaned information. They are capable of an even, consistent coverage of any chosen prey.


Sorrows are medium-sized, fairly lightly-built, with pointed snouts. They are very active and agile, and most types of Sorrows have a strong herding instinct. Sorrows have diversified into many varieties, sometimes mixed with other emotion types such as Misanthropy and Despair. Some Sorrows have remained as working emotions for herding joy, amazement, and other unruly affects, while others are kept as pets. Sorrows are more individual and tenacious than, say, the Cheerfulness species. Sorrows choose their target for its vulnerability and for the lack of any spectacles with pinkened lenses about its person.

Header Image Photo by Brixiv on

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