NaPoWriMo Day 22

Today’s prompt (which you can read here) was to write a poem invoking a specific object as a symbol of a time, era or place.

Looking through old photos today, I came across photos of me sporting the very popular 80s perm. So….it had to be the perm, my object! Here’s a silly one for you today, but I hope it makes you smile.

That Perm

Ken’s Deidre had a huge one and so did Cher;

it was a great leveller, having that big hair.

Ms Parton’s was like a poodle who’d gone and gotten high,

Michael Jackson’s had a curl that dangled over one eye.

Bon Jovi really went for it, Streisand too,

but Meg Ryan’s was what I wanted – so flippin cool.

My own mop got permed twice in that decade;

Did I look like Meg? Or more like that bloke from Slade?

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