NaPoWriMo Day 21

The prompt today (and you can read it here) was to write a song-like poem which has a repetitive set-up, like the anonymous rhyming poem, There was a man of double deed. There is a link to the poem on the NaPoWrimo site if you want to read it.

Here is my attempt. I’m not sure where it came from and couldn’t think of a title – any suggestions welcomed!


A thwarted girl stood on a beach in a far off, crestfallen land.

She saw a giant seabird, stock still, on the very same strand.


When she took a step and that bird spread its scraping, tawny wings,

it made her think of dire warnings and dangerous patchwork things.


When the bird gathered its weight to rise away from the sinking sand,

it made her run madly, badly, forward, put out both her hands.


When she felt the bird’s pulsing quills in her fast-slipping grasp,

it made her think she was in two halves and one half wouldn’t last.


When they flew into the powdery air and one half-girl dropped away,

it made her smile like a gannet smiles as its beak plunges through the waves.

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