NaPoWriMo Day 16

Today’s prompt (which you can read here) was to write in Skeltonic or ‘tumbling’ form.

I’m going to try and use the second half of NaPoWriMo to develop a theme I have been working on around certain places that have been significant in my life. At least ten of them are near the sea, and it’s those I’m going to try and focus on (if the prompts don’t tempt me somewhere else).

Here’s the first attempt.

Porthmeor is the main surfing beach in St Ives, Cornwall, and it lies opposite their branch of the Tate Gallery – the St Ives branch is my favourite art gallery ever!

St Ives

Steep hills up and down,

tumbling seaside town,

a lighthouse as its crown.

Boats skitter on the sound,

cerulean blue surreal,

heart veers right off keel,

life becomes unreal,

rock and sand appeal.

The Tate reflects Porthmeor

in its entrance; that glass door

a mirror, sways swoon

of greasepaint waves;

vivid sea-greens slave

to deafening shooting blue.

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