NaPoWriMo Day 9

Today’s prompt (which you can read here) was to write a to-do list belonging to someone else – famous, fictional – whatever you wanted.

My to-do list poem is based on my father’s quirky ‘pebble’ to-do list method. He is keen on methods like the I Ching and using random numbers to make chance decisions – so this way of organising his to do list is very characteristic of him!

I know some of you who have lots of pressures on you might throw your hands up in ridicule at the idea of just picking three items like he does each day!! Feel free to put your own number in.  


Mindful to-do list

Take three pebbles, each sleek and true as a plum,

with curves that accord with the shell of your palm.


Close your eyes; breathe in a rounded breath;

feel your long ribs in their accordion stretch.


Let all the things you might do today rise;

watch these moths as they squabble and fly.


Sink from outside to in. Move from head

to heart. When the moths scatter or sink

let your eyes chart

only those

which beat their wings

at the speed of your heart.


You may only pick three.

Today has an end.


Let your three pebbles hold these three things to do.

Put them to watch and wait, where they can see you.


Don’t rush.


When a task is complete throw one pebble away.

All three done; heart eased for the day.

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