NaPoWriMo Day 5

Day 5

I decided to use another poem from Gill Lambert’s lovely collection, Taidama (thanks again Gill!) to do today’s prompt with. You can read the instructions for today’s prompt here, but basically we had to pick a poem, use the first letter of each line, and roughly the same line length.

I chose Feast from Gill’s collection (mainly because it is only five lines long, truth be known – ha ha! It’s quite tiring this NaPoWriMo lark, isn’t it? Not giving up yet though).

Then I chose the first word I came across in another book that began with F and had five letters, like Gill’s title. I’m lying. The first word I got was field so I actually picked again and got fjord! I googled fjord and discovered that some of them are deeper than the sea adjacent to them (something to do with the way glaciers work) so I went with that as a starting point or metaphor.


Lower you sink than the wild sea.

Shy corals may grow in your deep

or monsters quicken, ready; but

there’s no urge to seek for what lies

hidden. Your steep sides steal my eyes.

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