You’re not alone when you’re blogging

I’ve been discovering the WordPress Reader today.

It’s a very friendly piece of web-machinery that is helping me to find new blogs to follow. Which is nice, because it means that I will have some friends when I’m up here working busily in my workroom in the cloud. We all need someone to chat to.

The Reader will also help me to stay in touch with my new mates because it makes it incredibly easy to look at the comments I’ve made on other people’s blogs, and, at the mere click of a button, it reminds me who I’ve started following. Very useful for my slightly blurred brain. Blurred due to the usual menopausal hormones zinging to and fro like demented fireflies. And even more blurred today because I was enjoying redecorating this virtual ‘room of one’s own’  so greatly last night that I did not go to bed until half past one. What behaviour, as Mary Poppins would say.

So this is a very short post because I must now go to bed. I just wanted to record my thoughts on the task set by Wordpress today for all of us who are taking part in Blogging 101. I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves as much as I have.

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